The Butterflied Metamorphosis Christian

If you are a normal Christian, when you got saved you had this wonderful, wonderful feeling. Reading the whole Bible you will find that feelings is not what gets you saved. When you pray and grow close to God you start the forgiveness process. Salvation entails mind body and soul, God wants all of you. Any part of you that is left out means all of you is left out.

If You sincerely want to please God normally an individual will seriously looks at themselves and see the things that are not good and start to get rid of them When a person gets truly saved they start a transformation from a sinner to a saint, this transformation rarely is instantaneous.

Everyone that truly believes in God knows that he has to be your best friend and he will judge you some day. If you never talk to Jesus do you really think he will want you around Him. If Jesus is not your best friend where are you in the plan of salvation? If you were God would you want your friends that talk to you and obey you or them that ignore you in heaven?

You can compare the transformation of sinner to saint to that of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. And like the butterfly after you are saved you fly away from your sins. When a caterpillar morphs certain groups of cells survive and some don’t, just like a want to be Christian still has complete ability to make your own decisions whether right or wrong.

If your only ambition in life is to just make money, get cars, home, job, friends, family etc. then you’re like a caterpillar just going in circles trying to survive.

When the caterpillar starts to change into a butterfly the first thing it does is build a shell around itself (pupa) just as an “up-and-coming Christian” must put boundaries and morals around them. If you know something’s wrong don’t do it or if you question whether it’s right or wrong it is a 90% chance it is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with taking advice from someone that you know is praying every day, reading their Bible every day, have good godly wisdom and have shown proper scriptural integrity.

The caterpillar inside its protective shell becomes completely liquefied (total submission) and the “want to be Christian” must follow what the word of God says with total submission or anything less is a miscarriage of the new birth experience and a  ticket at death to a very hot place.

The caterpillar must give it’s all to become a beautiful butterfly, a “want to be Christian” must also give his whole self-unto Christ or he/she will not be happy in a make-believe Christian life. You are either 100% following Christ or you’re lost. God tells us in his word how he will spew you out of his mouth if you are not following him hundred percent.

Just as the caterpillar a new Christian needs 100% change or they will be a look-alike Christian, not a real Christian and with God constantly trying to bring them into the fold.

If the caterpillar tries to bring part of its original self into metamorphosis it will be deformed just like a “want to be Christian” bringing his/her sin into the transformation.

We constantly see “want to be Christians” that are into all kinds of sinful activities that they have not gotten rid of and with their sins they will not make it to heaven they will only find a hot place in eternally.

And after you become a Christian what then? Does a Christian have a bed of roses without the thorns, does it not rain on the just and adjust alike.

When it rains on a Christian with troubles, God finds a strong umbrella for them.

A person not following God just gets hit with the hailstones and they are damaged.

Just as a baby begins to walk, a new Christian does the same with their lives there are few differences. How the baby walks when it is instructed and follows what it is told do determines how much damage or progress the child makes.

A new Christian is no different you take any of your old sins on you will receive damage/hurt.

When you take on your old sin you are putting God in a position of whether to trust you are not.

That is never a good place in your relationship with God. How can God trust you if you may turn your blessings into sins.

A moth starts as a caterpillar and goes through metamorphosis does not turn out beautiful this is like a “want to be Christian” that will not give up sinning.

Be a beautiful, loving person and please don’t sin.