Parents Children

When parents are having problems raising children and they do not understand why, they need to remember that this is been a major problem throughout all of eternity. Jacob and Esau are examples of children that was raised by good parents and yet God loved Jacob and hated Esau.
Jacob and Esau’s father was Isaac and their grandfather was Abraham showing in the Jewish lineage that you can have problems with children. It has never changed, with Christian or Jewish the same God can test us with our children.

I’m sure Adam and Eve brought their children up in the best knowledge they had serving God and yet one of their children was the first murderer in the history of mankind.
When both parents of children study their Bibles, pray concerning their children, serve God to the best of their ability, seek advice from known good elders in their church, attend church on a regular basis with their children, treat all people such as they want to be treated, they should only be held accountable until when their children reach the age of accountability. For God is a just God not an unjust God.
When a child reaches the age or mentality that they are making their own major decisions they take ownership and responsibility of the decisions they make.
God will not hold you accountable if you and your mate raise your children the proper way and one of them goes bad. If you have over two children and a large portion of them turn against God it would be advisable to check every aspect of your walk with God and man and see if there is a major scriptural problem.
God gives us his word, spirit and his called ministers but if we do not follow what we are told, in the end it will get very hot.